Modbus Komunikacioni modul za MULTICAL® 403

Modbus Komunikacioni modul za MULTICAL® 403

High Power RadioRouter modul za MULTICAL® 602

High Power RadioRouter modul za MULTICAL® 602

Bežični M-Bus modul za MULTICAL® 403 i 603

Belični M-Bus interfejs za MULTICAL® 403 i 603 je plug-in modul je za brzu i pouzdanu montažu u modulu oblasti merača, kao i novi dizajn koji je "poslednja reč umetnosti" radio tehnologije dok je istovremeno održavanje jako fokusirano na duži vek trajanja baterije.


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Kategorija: Merila toplotne energije i hlađenja

The Wireless M-Bus interface for MULTICAL® 403 and 603 is a plug-in module for fast and reliable installation in the module area of the meter, and the new design is “state-of-the-art” radio technology while still maintaining a strong focus on a long battery lifetime. It is possible to have the module configured with different predefined datagrams for e.g. Walkby/Drive-by/Fixed network applications from factory. It is also possible to change between
available datagrams on site. Customer-specified datagrams can be tailor-made for specific applications. The module fulfils the requirements of the M-Bus standard EN 13757:2013 as well as the OMS Primary  ommunication, version 4.0.2 and works in a wide variety of applications which use the M-Bus protocol.

Pulse inputs

The Wireless M-Bus module HC-003-30 is equipped with two pulse inputs, In-A and In-B, to collect and accumulate pulses remotely, e.g. from water meters and electricity meters. The pulse inputs are physically placed on the M-Bus module. However, the accumulation and data logging of values are made by the MULTICAL®  calculator.
When installing the M-Bus module with pulse inputs in slot 2 of MULTICAL® 603, the pulse inputs will be registered in the meter as In-A2 and In-B2.

Pulse outputs

The Wireless M-Bus module HC-003-31 has two configurable pulse outputs, Out-C and Out-D, which are suitable for pulsing out selected registers from MULTICAL® 403 and 603. The pulse outputs are physically placed on the M-Bus module, but the pulses are made by the MULTICAL® calculator.
Among the features of Wireless M-Bus are:
• Support of both 1- and 2-way communication
• Support of Walk-by, Drive-by and Fixed Network installations
• Configurable datagrams for various applications
• Prepared for both C- and T-mode communication protocols
• Large set of already configured datagrams available
• Remote meter configuration, e.g. for changing the data package contents
• Remote readout of daily, hourly and minute loggers
• Remote firmware upload for extended functionality
• Long meter battery lifetime at high readout rates
With the 2-way communication functionality, both the meter and the communication modules become very flexible and make it very easy to:
• Change from Walk-by to a fixed network installation and vice versa
• Switch between C-mode and T-mode
• Choose the datagram that fits the customer needs
All this without having to disturb the end customer in order to gain access to the meter, and furthermore, the 2-way communication functionality allows adding future applications to both the communication module and the meter – thus making the installation future-proof.

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