BACnet® MS/TP-modul za MULTICAL® 403 i 603

BACnet® MS/TP-modul za MULTICAL® 403 i 603

High Power Radio Router module for MULTICAL® 603

High Power Radio Router module for MULTICAL® 603

Moduli pulsnih podataka za MULTICAL® 403 i MULTICAL® 603

• Communication speed fixed at 1200 bit/s
• Two pulse inputs for additional water and electricity meters
• Two pulse outputs for selected operations
• Data connections galvanically isolated from meter
• Level-converter cables for interfacing to RS232 or USB


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The data pulse modules have been developed along with the MULTICAL® 403 energy meter family. The data communication module enables the MULTICAL® 403 and MULTICAL® 603 meters to be hard-wired to other on-site communication equipment for automatical reading of data in the meter. The protocol is Kamstrup KMP *, which allows reading of all actual and historical data as well as other relevant information to identify the meter. The module design allows for extensive reading of data without significantly reducing the battery lifetime of the meter while maintaining the galvanic isolation between the meter and the serial data connections.
* Utilities and other relevant companies wishing to develop their own communication driver for the KMP protocol can order a demonstration program in C # (.net-based) and a detailed protocol description (in English language).


The data pulse module is designed with focus on high flexibility to fulfill a wide range of applications.
Analysis MULTICAL® 403 and MULTICAL® 603 support high quantities of data, and all relevant data for analysis can be read out. This is valid for both actual meter data as well as for historical data.


All relevant data for billing can be read from MULTICAL® 403 and MULTICAL®603.

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